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Droid Icons: The Art Of Carlos Ezquerra

Ok, so we talked recently about the truly great artist’s constantly evolving or changing style’s completely, but conversely to that argument is the old adage: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

Now, this is true of very few artists - Brian Bolland & Glenn Fabry spring to mind in this category, but Carlos Ezquerra also belongs to this select band.

But I’m being slightly unfair to the co-creator of Judge Dredd and countless other classic British comic characters, ‘King' Carlos does of course continue to evolve his art style, it’s just that he’s so damn good people don’t always notice! (This is also true of the other two mentioned, but It’s a bit too depressing to think that droids of their calibre can get any better!)

So, to prove that the Ezquerra droid’s as relevant now as he was 30 years ago, here are a few of his best-loved characters in simple black & white and full-colour finishes, that show just what a terrific draughtsman he really is. Lesser droids could continue tweaking or evolving their art for another 30 years, but still not come close to improving on his clean lines and boundless creativity…

  • Who’s Gonna Mess With Them?”, to paraphrase the mighty Ennis droid’s classic one-liner at the end of Judgement Day, this gorgeous black & white rendering of the two toughest guys in the galaxy, Judge Dredd and Johnny Alpha was redrawn for last year’s LSCC (London Super Comic Convention) 2013.
  • Strontium Dogs b/w inks cover for ‘Blood Moon' - Prog 1626
  • Blood Moon' feat. Johnny Alpha, 'Middenface' McNulty & some of Johnny's veteran war comrades, inc. 'Evans the Fist' and the Torso from Newcastle! (Colonel Blood in background) - Original cover art: (Prog 1626,11Mar’09).
  • Superb montage feat. some of the characters he co-created and was intrinsically involved with..
  • ,Character montage, full-colour; inc. Judge Dredd, Johnny Alpha, ‘Middenface' McNulty, Wulf Sternhammer, Durham Red, and villains: co-creation from mega-epic The Apocalypse War, East-Meg One diktator, War-Marshal ‘Mad-Dog' Kazan, with of course, The Dark Judges: Death, Fear, Fire & Mortis from another big Ezquerra epic, Necropolis.
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