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The US Invasion - Americans Do Dredd!

Most comics fans are aware of the so-called “British Invasion” of the late 1980s, that saw some of this country’s finest talents cross the Atlantic to make their name at the big US publishing houses: names like Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Grant Morrison, Alan Davis, Neil Gaiman and Brian Bolland - all of whom got their start in the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic™, of course! - on such legendary titles as, Batman, Superman, Sandman, Watchmen, and the X-Men.

Since then there has been a steady flow of talent across the pond, other well-known creators, like Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon, Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, Mike Carey, Jock and Andy Clarke, all former 2000AD alumni who have achieved great success in recent years.

Sadly, the return creative stream has barely ran to a trickle, with very few American writers and artists enjoying success in the UK.

The opportunities of course are much narrower, with 2000AD being the only real viable outlet for serious creators.
Fortunately, there are some talented US artists who have tried their hand at drawing Britain’s best-loved comic hero, either through professional means, or as a fan of the character.
Here are some of our favourite examples of Americans Doing Dredd!

  • Top: Cover art for US reprint, Mega-City Masters 01 - the fabulous Tim Bradstreet (Punisher, Hellblazer)
  • Wonderful fan art -  from the supremely gifted, Lee Bermejo (Batman, Superman, Before Watchmen)
  • Cheeky caricature fan art - from top cover artist, Dave Johnson (100 Bullets, Deadpool)
  • More sweet F.A. (fan art!) - friend of Judge Dredd Megazine, Guy Davis (B.P.R.D., The Marquis)
  • Stunning cover art: Mega-City Masters 02 - from one of the finest comic artists of his generation, and son of another legend.. John Romita Jr. (Spider-Man, X-Men, Kick-Ass)
  • One mean hombre! Tough, gritty fan art, for the much-missed Comic Twart sketch blog - by Mike Hawthorne (Deadpool, Conan)
  • Cool p.o.v. fan art - extremely talented, Ramón Pérez (Wolverine & the X-Men, Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
  • Atmospheric fan art - from brilliant young(-ish!) artist, Dustin Weaver (Avengers, X-Men)
  • Gorgeous chalk colour fan art - from another bona fide legend, Neal Adams (Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow)
  • Final Mega-City Masters 03 cover art - one of the best, original creators of the 21st century and a damn fine artist!, Eric Powell (The Goon, Superman, Conan)

Although not as much talent finds it’s way back across the Atlantic, it is encouraging to see so many world-renowned artists and creators that still want to draw for the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and Judge Dredd, and news that 2000AD is to be stocked in many newsstands in the New York area, is definitely encouraging.

Perhaps this, combined with the superb job IDW Comics are doing in their line of original and classic 2000AD titles currently available, will inspire the emergence of a new generation of Judge Dredd artists from the US of A!

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