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Double Droid Dilemma!

Classic cover art (Prog1476,22Feb’06), complete with a choice of two from Henry Flint, but which one do you choose?

On this day 8 years ago the thrilling finale began to the A.B.C. Warriors sternest test thus far, their evil nemeses, the Malevolent Seven, the Shadow Warriors: Bootleg, Dog Tag, Deus Ex Machina, Mr. Lovebomb, Doc Maniacus, The Rev and Warmonger

In this the third and final instalment (The Shadow Warriors Book III), the two sides are finally set to meet, having been tracked by their arch foes across space, to the Red Planet, Mars, where the ABC Warriors have come to “increase the peace" between the human colonists, native Martians and the very spirit of Mars herself, Medusa!

The human government of Mars is determined not to let that happen, hiring the ruthless mercenary killers known as the Shadow Warriors, they have also been equipped with specific weapons to deal with each of our heroes..permanently!

Who will win this Mother of all showdowns? 

Find out in ABC Warriors: The Shadow Warriors Pat Mills(w).Henry Flint(a).

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