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Top Ten Most Romantic Covers!

Never let it be said that the Galaxy’s Greatest Comiccan’t do romance, and even the most unlikely (not to mention unlovable!) characters can find that certain someone..

  • Top: Bitch Prog509(14Feb’87) Strontium Dog/Bitch - Mutant bounty hunters, Johnny Alpha and Durham Red have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship - and although they’ve certainly shared passionate kisses, it’s still unclear whether their romance was fully consummated..? Robin Smith (The Bogie Man)
  •  Purity’s Story Prog561(13Feb’89) One relationship that was definitely unreciprocated - Purity Brown, Alien Resistance freedom fighter and the Grandmaster of Termight, Tomas de Torquemada! Garry Leach (Miracleman)
  • Judge Dredd Mega-Special 1993 One side of a Love/Hate special edition featuring the woman with an incurable infatuation with Judge Dredd, dangerously obsessed stalker, Bella Bagley - never quite realising that the man is incapable of loving only The Law! Art: Shaky Kane (after Kirby!) (The Bulletproof Coffin)
  •  Deus Ex Machina Prog875(18Feb’94) Sexy Sauron Tyranny Rex embarks on her final journey…or is it? Paul Marshall (Leatherjack).
  • On The Frag Shell Prog979(16feb’96) The last female G.I. (Genetic Infantrywoman), Venus Bluegenes, returns - to kick ass! Jason Brashill(a).
  • .Secret Of The Grail Prog1095(26May’98) Slaine is put on trial and judged for allegedly corrupting a nun in a past life - who in reality was his eternal love Niamh. Duncan Fegredo (Hellboy).
  • Beyond The Call Of Duty Prog1107(12Aug’98) Rookie Judge Galen DeMarco finally acts on her irrepressible crush on Senior Judge Dredd, unsurprisingly Dredd does not share DeMarco's feelings, yet in a moment of rare tolerance he merely reprimands the young Judge, unwilling to destroy a promising career. Dermot Power(a).
  • Tour Of Duty Prog1131(10Feb’99) Rascally rogue Nikolai Dante is reunited with old flame, Ingrid Wagner, who it appears he had completely deceived: what Dante?! Greg Staples(a)
  • The Marriage Game (Judge Dredd Megazine #203,11Mar’03) Deaf, blind landlady, Mrs. Gunderson's lodger, playing the part of Judge Death, decides to get married - with predictable results! Cliff Robinson(a)
  • Angel Heart (Megazine #219,1Jun’04) Psychotic cyborg Mean-Machine Angel decides to get married - with equally predictable results! Garry Leach(a).

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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