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Judge Dredd: Purgatory - Mark Millar(w)/Carlos Ezquerra(a).

Before current Judge Dredd storyline, Titan, you may not be surprised to hear that there has been prior trouble on this boiling powder keg of a penal colony, containing the worst of the worst badasses in the solar system!

Built to house Judges who violate their own rigid rules and codes, betraying the very principles on which the Mega-City Justice Department was founded, rightly earning those individuals a place on the shuttle to Titan - one of the orbiting moons of Saturn - to serve 20 years hard labour, undergoing intense surgery to breathe the toxic atmosphere on the harsh conditions of this prison satellite.

Unfortunately, the convicts are extremely dangerous, highly trained, profoundly angry criminals from the toughest school on the planet - the streets of Mega-City One, and many of them are united in their anger towards one enemy - often the person who put them there - Judge Dredd!

And this is how the story begins, with a conspiracy of Judges who felt that Judge Dredd's decision to allow the citizens to hold a referendum on whether they wanted a return to the democratic process (thereby eliminating the Judicial system), was akin to madness, feeling certain that the populace would vote out the Judges, particularly with anti-Judicial feeling running high at the time amongst a strong Democratic contingent.

Determined to prevent this from happening a senior street Judge, Grice and a small cadre of half a dozen of his followers, plotted to assassinate Dredd.

Notoriously hard to kill, the attempts on Dredd's life failed, and he swiftly rounded up the conspirators, killing two himself, while taking the others - including Grice - into custody.

As it was, Dredd's strong conviction that the people would rather have the Judges protect them, whilst losing some basic freedoms, than have anarchy  reign supreme on the streets, was proved correct, “better the ‘devil’ you know”, as it were (and largely, as Dredd also predicted, due to the majority of citizens being too lazy to bother voting - even though they didn’t even need to leave their own armchairs!)

After arresting the traitors and sentencing them to 20 years on Titan, in an uncharacteristically, unlawful act on Dredd's part, he gives Grice an “old-fashioned kicking”, beating the corrupt Judge to a bloody pulp, ensuring that Grice's discord remained inside Justice Dept., thus reassuring the public’s belief in the Judges' solidarity!

But Grice now hated more than ever, and his determination to have revenge on Judge Dredd, would only intensify…!

  • Top: Grice & his cohorts plot to assassinate Dredd in The Devil You Know (Progs750-53,28Sep-18Oct’91). John Wagner(w)/Jeff Anderson(a).
  • Below: Grice and the remaining conspirators are sent to Titan for their treachery, but not before Dredd teaches their ringleader a deserved lesson! Jeff Anderson(a).
  • However, Grice has not fully learned his lesson, apparently, encouraging the whole penal colony to rebel against the sadistic Governor Khurtz and his brutal regime, in…
  •  Purgatory (Progs834-41,8May-26Jun’93). Mark Millar(w)/Carlos Ezquerra(a).

What will happen when these vicious psychopaths - trained for 15 years to peak physical and mental fitness, honed for many more years in the vast, sprawling urban jungle that is Mega-City One, the most dangerous city on Earth; armed with an alien weapon once destined to be used as MC-1's ultimate deterrent against its enemies: a nightmarish biological WMD, known as the Meat Virus, whose fallout spreads like a plague, making the skin sick and kills within weeks - return lead by a man whose vengeance burns more intensely than all the others combined, fixated on the city he believes has gone soft and especially the Judge he blames for this current state, to turn their own secret weapon against them?

 ”Watch out Mega-City One the fallen Judges of space-colony, Titan are coming back to take their city, and their leader, Grice is coming for YOU, Judge Dredd!

Stay tuned as we look next at the young Mark Millar's partner-in-crime, the equally talented and cocky Scots youngster, Grant Morrison, with the classic, explosive follow-up…Inferno!

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