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IDW Judge Dredd Covers - Various.

Time to catch up with our friends at IDW, and the superb cover art on offer at the moment (and a few we may have missed!), from an array of the industry’s top talent…

  1. IDW Judge Dredd #11 Cvr B - Judge Dredd falls foul of the Angel Gang, as part of Into The Cursed Earth storyline, Pt.8: “How The Angel Gang Found Grub" - Ian Gibson(a)
  2. IDW Judge Dredd #13 - French For Black  An experimental retro-virus is released in a Mega-City One sector, and investigating JudgeDredd is swept up in it’s wave devolving with the area a full century and a half, transporting him to an era of fedoras and tommy-guns - in other words Dredd is about to go noir! - John Stanisci(a).
  3. Judge Dredd..noir-style! - John Stanisci(a).
  4. IDW Judge Dredd #14 - Badges ’Ol’ Stony Face' is back to business in Mega-City One, but things are far from normal as 12 Judges have been murdered in ever-more imaginative ways - and Dredd wants answers! - Andrew Currie(a).
  5. IDW Judge Dredd #15 - Badges Pt.2 Dredd comes under scrutiny from the Special Judicial Squad (SJS) - the Judges who Judge the Judges! - blaming him for the current spate of Judge murders (committed by a cloned Judge, with a grudge!) - because of his own clone birth along with his corrupt twin Rico - sentenced to Titan. - Wesley Craig.
  6. IDW Judge Dredd #18 - Cold, Cold Ground With 13 Judges lying in the morgue, Justice Dept.'s troubles are only just beginning, because their most frightening and deadly foes are back - The Dark Judges! - Shane Pierce(a)
  7. IDW Judge Dredd #17 Subscription Cover - First in a set of covers from Eisner-award winning, uniquely stylised artist Michael Avon Oeming (Powers).
  8. IDW Judge Dredd #18 Sub CvrMichael Avon Oeming
  9. IDW Judge Dredd #19 Sub Cvr Dredd Vs. Death! - Michael Avon Oeming.
  10. IDW Judge Dredd #20 Sub Cvr -Judge Death - Demon Biker! Michael Avon Oeming.
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