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Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens.

  1. Henry Flint's out of this world art for Judge Dredd vs. Aliens:Incubus(Progs1322 -35,8Jan-4Apr’03).

  2. Dredd (along with Judges Castillo & Giant)tackles the rapacious, demonic, acid-filled killing machines in the only way he knows - full-on, with maximum firepower! The Aliensxenomorphs from planet Proteus,
    brought to Mega-City One by the unscrupulous Mr. Bones for his revenge against the Judges (see Out Of The Undercity, Progs1313-16,16Oct-6Nov’02), the Incubus, as he calls the aliens,have already established a hive in the Undercity, and soon start to spread to the surface.. Henry Flint(a)
  3. Fabulous Kev Walker cover (Prog1322,8Jan’03).
  4. Frazer Irving's sensational wraparound cover(Prog1330,5Mar’03)
  5. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens graphic novel cover art - Henry Flint.

Written by John Wagner with Andy Diggle and drawn by Henry Flint,Judge Dredd vs Aliens:Incubus is a superior read from the often inferior world of the crossover/movie tie-in.

Written by John Wagner and Andy Diggle;colours:Chris Blythe.

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