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December Daily Digital Deal Decimation!

Full-colour Thrills in today’s 2000ADvent calendar, with this stunning series from the early 1990’s, featuring everyone’s favourite war droids, the A.B.C. Warriors: Khronicles Of Khaos (Pts. 1& 2) by legendary creator droid, Pat Mills (Nemesis the Warlock, Charley’s War) and supremely talented art droid, Kevin Walker(Magic, The Gathering; Thunderbolts).

Return of the Mek-nificent Seven!

After the awe-inspiring Black Hole storyline, the ABC Warriors are back, and Kev Walker has the unenviable task of following Simon Bisley (and S.M.S)’s b/w masterpiece, but he admirably delivers in this dizzying Mills-scripted technicolour adventure.

Deadlock, Grand Wizard of the Knights Martial, leads this anarchic mission - to collect Seven Heads For Hekate and instruct his war droids in the ways of Khaos!

To restore the balance of Khaos and Order, in a galaxy ruled by Termight (Earth, thousands of years in the future) and it’s alien-hating tyrant, the arch-bigot Torquemada, the ABC Warriors must assassinate some of Termight's most powerful military, political and religious leaders, taking their heads for a ritual to the goddess Hekate, thus restoring the natural state of the universe…

Kronicles Of Khaos [Pt.1] (Progs750-57,28Sep-16Nov’90) & [Pt.2] (Progs780-90,25Apr-4Jul’92).Pat Mills(w)/Kev Walker(a).

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