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December Daily Digital Deal Decimation!

Do NOT miss today’s Thrill-Powerbargain - The Ballad Of Halo Jones,with brand new cover by design droid,Parr01 (Pye Parr) - just £1.99 from our online store today (13Dec).I a touching introduction by award-winning South African writer, Lauren Beukes (The Shining Girls)

50th century AD: An ordinary young woman bored with life on “The Hoop" - a floating ring tethered off Manhattan - a dead-end place in which to dump America’s unemployed, called a "poverty reduction programme”; in reality it meant people just no longer had to look at the poor.

If you lost your job you were moved to “The Hoop”, where you lived on a state-provided credit card system called Mam, until you found employment.

Except there wasn’t any employment.

Halo was determined to leave this depressing existence behind, so when her talented musician friend Ludy opts out of life by joining “The Different Drummers" - a creepy sect of lobotomised young people who have a repetitive beat piped directly into their brains - and her friend and  landlady Brinna is found brutally murdered, she knows she must leave before she meets a similar fate..

The perfect opportunity arises when galactic space-liner the E.S.S. Clara Pandy docks off The Hoop and is taking on crew. Along with best friend, Rodice they apply for jobs, unfortunately there’s only one berth and they want someone to speak Cetacean (the language of an intelligent race of space dolphin!).Unbeknownst to Rodice, her best friend Halo does indeed speak Cetacean, thanks to an embarrassing kids’ club Halo had once belonged to, securing her the job.They agree to meet up on the refuelling planet Charlemagne, in one year’s time.

And that’s when the adventures of Halo Jones really begin…

Perhaps UK comics legend Alan Moore's finest hour on the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic™ with terrific art by veteran droid, Ian Gibson.

  • Halo Jones & friends; best friend Rodice and landlady/mother figure, Brinna - art: Ian Gibson.
  • Cover art: The Ballad of Halo Jones [Book I] (Prog376,7Jul’84) - Ian Gibson.
  • Cover art: Halo Jones [Book II] (Prog406,23Feb’85) - Ian Gibson.
  • Cover art: “Hot Digital Dog!" [Book II] (Prog413,13Apr’85) - Ian Gibson.
  • Cover art: Halo Jones Prologue [Book III] (Prog451,4Jan’86) - Ian Gibson.
  • Cover art: Halo Jones Goes To War [Book III] (Prog453,18Jan’86) - Ian Gibson.
  • Cover art: Halo meets the Slabs - Special Labour Auxiliary Bio-Engineered - [Book III] (Prog460,8Mar’86) - Ian Gibson.
  • Cover art: “Tarantula Descending" [Book III] (Prog466,19Apr’86) - Ian Gibson.

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    Now if only Alan Moore would finish his finest hour :s
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    The Ballad of Halo Jones is awesome, if slow at first. I suggest everyone pick it up, because once they get off the...
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    Ya’ll better be respecting my lady, Halo Jones, aight?
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    Screw Watchmen and/or V, this is Moore’s BEST work.
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