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Killer Bargains!

Tharg the Mighty,in his infinite wisdom has gone crazy..

..crazy with generosity that is:best-selling Thrill-Power™ for bargain basement prices!

Amongst the plethora of cut-price comic collections is Shako,a killer polar bear,so dangerous that he has made it on to the C.I.A. death-list!

After a C.I.A. jet fighter carrying a lethal virus crash-lands in the Arctic,it is inadvertently swallowed by a curious Shako (the eskimo word for polar bear),turning him into an insatiable flesh-hungry maneater!

If you love monster bears,gore and ignorant,unpleasant fools getting eviscerated,decapitated and generally eaten-let’s face it who doesn’t?-this is the book for you!

A genuine,early 2000AD classic(Progs20-35,9Jul-22Oct’77) by Pat Mills/John Wagner(w).Ramon Sola(a)-just £2.99!

Shako pin-up by Jock

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