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You Smell Of Crime & I’m The Deodorant!

Former male stripper Eric Rabinowicz,human-zombie hybrid,better known as Zombo-is back!

But has he bitten off more than he can chew this time,when he comes up against the anti-ZomboObmoz?

Throw into the mix homicidal beat combos,gung-ho military men-of-God,satanic Shadow Presidents and master of the Deathworlds,the genocidal Hank Epsilon!

Hold onto your brains,readers-this is going to be one helluva ride!

  • Cover art (Prog 1746)-Henry Flint
  • Cover art (Prog 1825)-Henry Flint
  • Enter Zombo's evil twin,Obmoz!-Flint.
  • What’s worse than an Obmoz-an Obmoz with the power of a million Obmozs.(er..Obmozes?),that’s what!-Flint.
  • How do you like them eggs!”-Flint.
  • Deathworlds master Hank Epsilon is back-Look Out Earth!-Flint
  • Homicidal cheeky chappies,beat combo,The Sc4rabs,cover art (Prog 1825)-Henry Flint.
  • Hank Epsilon gets a big laser sword!Cover art (Prog 1834)-Henry Flint
  • Meet hardman-of-God,Padre Padre-“Come Get Some”-Henry Flint
  • The stench of crime is palpable as Zombo meets his evil-er(!) twin,Obmoz!Art by co-creator and series artist,Henry Flint.

Originally printed in 


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    Picked up the first Zombo book a few years back at NYCC. Enjoyed it. Looking forward to this one.
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