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Arachnophobia?Judge Dredd Eats Spiders For Breakfast!

To be fair to Dredd he has had previous trouble from some pretty venomous arachnoids,including mutant,predatory alien and giant queen,spider varieties!

  • Nosferatu(Progs430-33,31Aug’85)-Judge Dredd meets this shape-shifting arachnoid species for the first time.Cover art(Prog433,31Aug’85)-Ron Smith.
  • The Black Plague(Progs140-43,24Nov-15Dec’79)-A Cursed Earth township comes under attack from a horde of mutated spiders-extremely aggressive and with a particularly virulent,fast-acting venom.Dredd is alerted to this danger when a mutant farmer,Moze Bigleftear is sent by relatives from nearby Atom Gulch,on a mercy mission to Mega-City One.Dredd helps the townsfolk but inadvertently sends the spider plague toward the Big Meg.Having destroyed his Lawmaster bike in the defence of Atom Gulch,Dredd borrows Moze's carnivorous,talking horse,Henry Ford-one of the great comedic sidekicks in the Judge Dredd canon-but can a wise-cracking horse and MC-1's finest,stop the spider tide before it reaches the City?John Wagner(w).Ron Smith(a).
  • Black Widow(Megs1.07-09,1Apr-1Jun’91)-Having destroyed the first alien Nosferatu,a second is discovered in Mega-City One.Disguised as a beautiful woman,it has been operating for years,picking up men from singles’ bars and taking them back to its apartment in Dan Quayle Block,before changing into its true form,injecting lethal venom into the victim’s heart,liquefying the organ,sucking it dry and disposing the remains in the garbage grinder!However “Miss Wilson",the creature’s alias,makes a mistake when one of its male ‘suitors’ cannot wait to return to the apartment,advances on "her",bringing about its transformation and dispatching the victim on the spot,leaving behind crucial evidence.Knowing the game is up,Nosferatu must make its escape,can Dredd catch the deadly predator before it flees the city?John Wagner(w).John Hicklenton(a).
  • (See above)
  • Dance of the Spider Queen(Progs1041-44,6-27May’97)-Judges Dredd and DeMarco have taken a group of Cadets on a Hot Dog run across the Cursed Earth,a test that will determine their suitability,making or breaking them as future Judges.During their trip,whilst travelling through dense forest,festooned with giant spider webs,they come across a small village,harbouring unorthodox beliefs..
  • Dance of the Spider Queen-Needing a place to rest with some of the Cadets suffering from fever,the group are met by the Spiderfolk,simple people who sustain their way of life through the bounty provided by their arachnid neighbours.When,reckless recruit Cadet Renga gets involved with local girl Rebecca,he discovers she is to be sacrificed to the enormous queen spider,as is traditional within the Spiderfolk tribe.Thinking he is saving the girl,Renga kills the spider queen;instead he has doomed the girl to a life of loneliness,without food and water,until death-punishment for failure to complete the sacrifice.Dredd and DeMarco are not impressed!John Wagner(w).Henry Flint(a).
  • Horror In Emergency Camp 4(Progs1425-28,9Feb-2Mar’05)-After the nuke attacks from anti-judicial terrorist group,Total War,many Mega-Citizens have been displaced and are being housed in emergency refugee camps dotted around the city.Full of weak,sick and confused people:the perfect stalking ground for a bloodsucking predator.When bodies are discovered containing a protozyme that dissolved the victims’ stomachs,Dredd immediately recognises the perpetrator-Nosferatu is back!John Wagner(w)D’Israeli(a).
  • Cover art,Judge Dredd:Horror In Emegency Camp 4(Prog1427,23Feb’05)-Cliff Robinson.
  • Spider Sandwich!Cover art from Dance of the Spider Queen(Prog1043,20May’97)-Dermot Power.

This is a metaphorical sandwich-spiders are cool,so don’t try this at home kids!

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    Dredd’s writers must’ve been bitten as a child. How about that Judge Hershey prose story where she tracks a sugar...
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