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Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson has had many awful apparitions in that magnificent mind of hers;from messiahs to mass-murderers,but somehow she always seems to come out ahead!

However,there is always one (to four!) constant threat,that always comes back to haunt her-alien superfiend,Judge Death!

  1. Close-up from Titan reprint graphic novel  Judge Death #cover art feat.a trapped Judge Anderson!From Judge Death Lives!(Progs224-28,8Aug-5Sep’81)-Art by Anderson co-creator,Brian Bolland
  2. Cover art(Prog472,31May’86) from classic frightfest,The Possessed(Progs468-78,3May-12Jui’86)-Brett Ewins
  3. As Mega-City One's top telepath,Cass Anderson has had the thoughts of a variety of weird and wonderful wackos,traipsing through her mind,including the apparent Son of God:The Jesus Syndrome(Megs2.22-24,20Feb-20Mar’93)-Arthur Ranson(a)
  4. After the events of The Jesus Syndrome,in which Anderson strikes an intolerant colleague and is sent off-planet,she experiences some life-changing moments,causing much soul-searching and a decision to quit the Judges.Postcards From The Edge(Megs2.50-60)
  5. Free to roam the galaxy,Cass reaches the planet Tartini-9,where a disturbing audio-visual phenomenon and petty human actions,encourage her to begin finding herself,there and then.Postcards From The Edge(Megs2.50-60,1Apr-19Aug’94)-Tony Luke(a).
  6. Far from home Anderson receives an overwhelming psi-flash,warning her of impending doom about to befall Mega-City One.Knowing she cannot ignore her city,the telepath knows it is time to go home.A creature calling itself Satan(Megs3.01-07,21Jul-13Oct’95),with god-like powers,has crash-landed on Earth having travelled through the galaxy on the asteroid Icarus for millennia.Now intending to enslave the Earth as he has done,apparently,on a billion different worlds for countless eons,can Anderson stop this seemingly invulnerable,supernatural being or will she join him as his herald,to conquer galaxies?-Arthur Ranson(a).
  7. A series of terrifying supernatural occurrences worldwide leads a global team of psychics,headed by Judge Anderson,to Tibet in the Himalayas,in search of the legendary city of Shamballa(Progs700-11,13Oct-29Dec’90)-Arthur Ranson(a).
  8. In Crusade(Progs1050-61,8Jul-23Sep’97)something is drawing the children of Mega-City One out into the Cursed Earth.Panicked Judges attempt to stop the juves from leaving and open fire.A horrified Anderson is gunned down whilst trying to prevent innocent lives being lost.Can even Anderson escape a body-bag?
  9. Lying in a coma following an encounter with Judge Death,Anderson finds herself in the body of a rebellious teenager on Death's homeworld,before all life had been destroyed by the Dark Judges.Believing that the teen is part of a resistance movement against the brutal regime on her world,Anderson uses her skills to help the underground cell.Unfortunately the girl is captured by the judges and actually meets the newly transformed Judge Death!What Anderson doesn’t realise is that this has been a carefully constructed trap by her arch-nemesis,to infect her with the deadly Half-Life virus,which is now squatting in the back of her mind,waiting to be released onto an unsuspecting Mega-City One!Half-Life(Megs214-17,13Jan-6Apr’04).Arthur Ranson(a).
  10. Latest artwork by top art droid Greg Staples for upcoming Dark Judges series Dark Justice.Judge Anderson's look here is apparently based on Integra Fairbrook,who played the top telepath in first-class fan film,Judge Minty!Sssweett!

Psi-Judge Anderson created by sole writer,Alan Grant and Brian Bolland.

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