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Nemesis the Warlock Colour Collection:Deviant Edition-Pat Mills(w).Kevin O’Neill/Jesus Redondo(a).

At last,it has come-the collection reprint we’ve all been waiting for:Nemesis the Warlock Books I-III:

The World of Termight(Progs222-44,25Jul’-26Dec’81).Mills(w)/O’Neill(a).

The Alien Alliance(Progs246-57,9Jan-27Mar’82).Mills(w)/Jesus Redondo(a)

The World of Nemesis(Progs335-49,24Sep-31Dec’83)Mills(w)/O’Neill(a).

….and it’s in glorious technicolour,recoloured by series artist,Kevin O’Neill,not reprinted since,the increasingly-hard-to-find,Eagle Comics Presents…monthly for the U.S. market in the mid-’80s.

There are two editions,this one:Deviant (£30) and the slightly more expensive extras copy:Termight (£40).

If all that weren’t enough,both editions feature the extremely rare strip “Tomb of Torquemada" from Nemesis the Poster Prog(1Jan’94).Mills(w)/O’Neill(a)-sadly without the giant-sized poster-but you will not be disappointed,this magnificent hardcover collection is worthy of anyone’s prized bookshelf or a fabulous coffee table centrepiece!

  • Top:Nemesis the Warlock:Deviant edition cover and frontispiece-art by Kevin O’Neill
  • Termight,Earth thousands of years in the future,ruled by Tomas de Torquemada and his vicious,alien-hating Terminator troops.
  • Taken from cover for Prog 230(19Sep’81)-Kevin O’Neill 
  • Nemesis and some of his more dangerous cohorts,including a huge invisible alien,N’Kognito,help escaped prisoners through the dimension portal,hidden beneath Torqurmada's sacrificial fire!
  • Flagship of Torquemada's invasion force,the mighty Torque-Armada!-Kevin O’Neill.
  • Sworn enemies,Nemesis the Warlock and Tomas de Torquemada face other in the first of what will become legendary battles..
  • ..the battle rages on,no quarter given!
  • Nemesis leads his troops forward,atop his hippogriff/A determined-hate-filled Terminator,Brother Baruda,attempts to escape from Arachnos,the spider-managed penal colony-art from cover (Prog252,20Feb’82) by Jesus Redondo
  • Torquemada's personal bestiary of the most diabolical aliens in the galaxy,as well as the unfortunate human Terminators:Brother Googol,who has discovered he is a mandrake-half-human,half-alien and Sir Evric,who has been tricked by Nemesis,into taking the form of a male Catoblepas-one of the more grotesque looking species in the galaxy!
  • Torquemada wishes everyone a goodnight-

Don’t Have Nightmares!

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