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Strontium Dog:Ezquerra Hoodie From Plastic Head.com

For all lovers of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic,in clothing form,why not check out online store Plastic Head's fantastic line based around Classic 2000AD characters.

  • Top:Vintage Carlos Ezquerra Strontium Dog hoodie-£40.
  • Middle:Posing with my v.comfortable and uber-cool S/D hoodie,in reverse-Titanic pose!
  • Below:Hoodie up,in a Milton Keynes ghetto/Cradlegrave estate-type look!

In all honesty,I have to congratulate Plastic Head,the design and colour are striking,the fit was perfect(L),as well as being warm and comfortable.

Forty quid may seem a trifle expensive,but good luck getting a name brand sportswear hoodie for less,and lets face it,this is sooo much cooler-plus it’s a zip-up,too!

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