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Classic Covers:Creators’ Choice!(Pt.1)

We all have our favourite covers of course but what are our creative droids most memorable examples?

Here are some of the UK’s most influential comic creators with their choices,and what these covers mean to them..

  1. Prog 10(30Apr’77)-Judge Dredd:Robot Wars-Carlos Ezquerra;chosen by script droid Dan Abnett(Sinister Dexter,Durham Red,Atavar):"First Prog I ever owned,oldest Prog I still possess.The start of my addiction..”
  2. Prog 23(30Jul’77)-Supercover:Plague From Pluto-Brian Bolland;chosen by art droid Ian Richardson(Sinister Dexter,Noble Causes):Mainly because it’s my earliest recollection of those damned fine Bolland covers.Also because I remember this ‘Plague From Pluto’ Supercover as being one of those early images that inspired me to get out the pencils and paper and to try to recreate some of that drama myself.Not too sure if it worked at the time though!’
  3. Prog 85-Judge Dredd:The Cursed Earth-Mick McMahon;chosen by editorial droid AALN-2(Alan Barnes):             "It’s near impossible to choose between Mike's nine perfect Cursed Earth covers-Prog 61 is a perfect composition,Prog 69 has probably the greatest coverline ever,and the ‘Judge Burger’ on Prog 72 should be hung in galleries.But Prog 85 is the simplest and most immediate.You get the feeling it’s not just Dredd howling ‘This Cursed Earth won’t break me..’-the artist is screaming it too!”
  4. Prog 113(19May’79)-Judge Dredd:I Am The Law-Brendan McCarthy;chosen by top script droid and Judge Dredd creator John Wagner:"It was exciting and atmospheric and-as other great art has done in the past-opened up a new perspective on Dredd's world for me.”
  5. Prog 160(12Apr’80)-The Angel Gang:Mick McMahon;chosen by script droid Mike Carey(13,Carver Hale,Lucifer,The Unwritten)"The first appearance of the Angel Gang.Unforgettable,iconic characters and a simple in-your-face design.Plus ‘The Judge Child' was the best Dredd story I’d ever read(until ‘Unamerican Graffiti' came along),and the Angels were one of the coolest things in it.”
  6. Prog 167(5Jul’80)-Nemesis the Warlock:Comic Rock-Kevin O’Neill;chosen by master script and creator droid Pat Mills(Flesh,Nemesis the Warlock,Slaine,Charley’s War,etc!):           "Because of what it symbolised for me and Kevin's great and unusual sense of design.”
  7. Prog 204(21Mar’81)-Judge Dredd-Mick McMahon;this classic was very popular and chosen by some top creators:Veteran art droid,Ian Gibson(Robo-Hunter,Halo Jones):Mike is my favourite artist and this is typical of his great sense of design.The impact is wonderful-the way Dredd is sitting imperially over Mega-Cityscape.A pure image of Dredd's power.Wonderful stuff!"                                          Fan favourite art droid Jock(Judge Dredd,Lenny Zero,Losers):"An absolute classic.It’s got everything the character should embody-larger than life,iconic and beautifully drawn,and for some reason drawing Dredd as if he’s 100ft tall doesn’t look wrong!”
  8. Prog 228(5Sep’81)- First Rogue Trooper cover-Dave Gibbons;chosen by premier art droid John Higgins(Judge Dredd,Freaks,Greysuit,RazorJack):"I remember reading the first story of Rogue and thinking this is a classic character,and this was the first time he had appeared on the cover.”
  9. Prog 403(5Sep’85)-Judge Dredd:Fink Brothers-Brian Bolland;chosen by art droid and general comics legend Bryan Talbot(Nemesis the Warlock,Luther Arkwright,Grandville):       "A definitive 2000AD cover by,to me,2000AD's premier artist.
  10. Prog 469(10May’86)-Strontium Dog:Rage-Carlos Ezquerra;another popular classic,chosen by two ace creator doid, Alan Grant(Ace Trucking Co.,Judge Anderson,Button Man,Batman,etc!):
  • "I liked the cover so much Carlos gave it to me!
  • And super art droid Chris Weston(Indigo Prime,Canon Fodder,The Filth,Ministry Of Space):"This is what 2000AD is all about-Muties,freaks,big guns and hard bastards.Carlos Ezquerra is the comics hombre without equal!With his sun-baked Spanish style,he single-handedly distinguished 2000AD from the bland uniformity of it’s American rivals.”

Some great choices from our finest creative droids but do you agree with their picks,and are their any others you’d like to see?

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