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Mega-City One Moves A-Head!-Chris Foss.

In August 1995 to mark the(lousy!)Judge Dredd(1995)movie,released the previous month,celebrated sci-fi/fantasy artist Chris Foss was invited to draw a series of covers for the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic™.

Best known for his dazzling book covers for the likes of E.EDoc" Smith,Philip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov,notably the stunning “tryptek" of paintings for Asimov's Foundation trilogy-which inspired the triptych of covers above.

UK artist Foss also worked on the look and design of such sci-fi movie classics as Superman(1978)and Ridley-Scott's Alien(1979),as well as Alejandro Jodorowsky's(sadly)aborted,Dune.

Foss even illustrated seminal(careful!)Seventies hirsute love-making manual,The Joy Of Sex!(1972)

To cap it all the Foss droid even drew a one-off Judge Dredd tale,Jigsaw!(Prog953,18Aug’95)to accompany his magnificent covers,and was scheduled to work on another,both with Dredd writer and creator,John Wagner;sadly this second strip never materialised but you never know perhaps his art will grace the pages of 2000AD again one day.

  • Hershey's Big Gun!(StarScan,Prog953,18Aug’95)
  • Statue Of Judgement Rebuilt-complete with new PSU* office in head(StarScan,Prog954,25Aug’95).
  • Justice 1-MC-1's flagship interstellar craft(StarScan,Prog955,1Sep’95)

*PSU-Public Surveillance Unit

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