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In the world of the Ten Seconders,superhuman “Gods” walk the Earth,unfortunately they are about as charming as you’d expect,good thing humanity always knows how to fight back against pomposity!

The group of freedom fighters known as the Ten Seconders return to 2000AD this week in Prog 1839 and Comic Book Resources have been previewing the first part of of new story,Godsend for us.Check out the six page sneak peek,written by Rob Williams and featuring the art of Edmund Bagwell,before you get your hands on the new prog this Wednesday!

Ten Seconders Return In Godsend:

“The Ten-Seconders” is an ongoing tale that sets humanity against a race of superhuman aliens, the self-styled “gods.” When mankind decides to resist against the rule of their new super-powered overlords, the rag-tag group of surviving guerrillas dub themselves “The Ten-Seconders,” as 10 seconds is the average time a human can expect to last in a confrontation with a god.

"The Ten-Seconders: Godsend" begins July 3 in "2000 AD" Prog #1839.

Written by: Rob Williams

Drawn by: Edmund Bagwell

Available to buy online,via iTunes and at all good bookstores from Wednesday.

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