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Dredd versus Dredd!

Judge Dredd has come up against versions of himself on a surprising amount of occasions…

  1. Dredd has to fight a robotic version of himself,used by the insane Judge Cal to frame him for murder in,Bring Me The Head Of Judge Dredd from The Day The Law Died(Progs86-108,14Oct’78-14Apr’79)-Art:Brendan McCarthy/Brett Ewins
  2. Dredd fights his future zombie self in City Of The Damned!(Progs393-406,24Nov’84-23Feb’85)-Brendan McCarthy
  3. City Of The Damned(reprinted for Complete Judge Dredd#40,1May’95)-Frank Quitely
  4. Dredd's zombie returns when the corpse,held in The Black Museum as a warning to a possible future,is stolen and sold to an unscrupulous collector on Luna-1,Earth’s shared outpost on the moon,in Darkside(Progs1017-28,12Nov’96-4Feb’97).
  5. This isn’t actually two Dredds fighting,in fact the Mega-City lawman is suffering from sleep-machine psychosis and is actually punching another Judge-gasp!-but is a perfect chance to introduce the Big Finish audio dramas-now available to download(Wanted:Dredd Or Alive,preview given away with Judge Dredd Megazine4.10,30Apr’02)-Henry Flint
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