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A brilliant cover by Chris Weston graces the outside of this week’s Prog 1837,showing Judge Dredd taking in the destruction caused by the Day of Chaos.Strong stuff as Ol’ Stony Face comes to terms with his actions in Wastelands,which you can read on Wednesday.

If you can’t wait until then,lucky you-we have a preview!

Prog 1837

Co-creator of Judge Dredd, John Wagner, returns to 2000 AD this week as he picks up the aftermath of the Day of Chaos epic when he destroyed the very city he created. 2000 AD Prog 1837 hits stores and online this Wednesday! Also in this Prog: Sinister Dexter: In Plain Shite; Defoe: The Damned and Future Shocks!

Written by: John Wagner, Pat Mills, Alan Grant & Dan Abnett 

Art by: Dave TaylorLeigh Gallagher, Carlos Ezquerra,  David Baillie 

Cover by: Chris Weston

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