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Fascinating and somewhat amusing look from 1993 at the early career of some of the biggest names in comicdom,including the biggest of all-Tharg the Mighty!

From top:

  • Obviously this guy needs no introduction(although we have updated his slightly embarrassing profile photo!)and perhaps his tastes may have varied a little,but this exalted alien still edits the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic every week-some things never change!
  • Art droid Brett Ewins was responsible for developing some of 2000AD's best-loved characters,also creating Bad Company and 1990’s pop culture phenomenon,the magazine Deadline.
  • Script droid Mark Millar wrote many early ’90s series including Big Dave,Canon Fodder,Maniac Five and Red Razors,going on to pen such big name US titles as Kick Ass,Wanted and Marvel's Ultimates.
  • Script droid Grant Morrison like Millar cut his teeth on the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic,writing dozens of Future  Shocks and one-offs,as well as Big Dave,Really and Truly,Janus Psi-Division and the outstanding Zenith.Morrison is now one of the most sought-after authors in comics,as well as crafting The Invisibles and The Filth he is also regular scribe for the World’s Greatest Detectiveand the Man Of Steel!
  • Art droid Greg Staples is another 2000AD success story,having drawn some stunning series in the weekly Prog,including Judge Dredd,Slaine,Tales of Telguuth and others.However,Staples is now best known for his dazzling covers and concept art.

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