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Continuing our featured series looking at character designs and the development process from creator’s sketchpad to finished page.

This time,with it’s return to the Judge Dredd Megazine,we take a look behind the scenes of space rebellion saga,Insurrection.

  1. Colin MacNeill's initial design ideas for writer Dan Abnett,via editorial droid Matt Smith,detailing new “space war-thing”!
  2. Rebel crew of Mega-City One Colony K Alpha 61.
  3. Enemy SJS(Special Judicial Squad)leader,Senior Judge Kulotte and Battle Droid troops.
  4. SJS CommanderFenris’.
  5. SJS Psi-Judge Syren and Hunter Droid.
  6. Crew of heroic Colony K Alpha 61 led by former Judge,Colonial Marshal Karel Luthor,including sentient apes,intelligent robots and mutants.
  7. SJS Sergeant Javid and CATT(Combat All-Terrain Transport)
  8. Free robots of K Alpha 61

Can a rag-tag bunch of misfits who heroically fought off an alien threat in the name of Mega-city One,whilst vastly outnumbered,stand up to the might of the mother city itself,to earn their freedom ?

Read about the fate of the newly christened Colony Liberty in this month’s Megazine and the graphic novel,Insurrection,priced £13.99.

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