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The Changing Face(s)of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic™!(Pt.2)

Having remained pretty much the same for seven years,a new logo conceived by former design droid,Steve Cook,was introduced..

  1. Prog555(2Jan’88)Judge Dredd-John Higgins
  2. Prog589(27Aug’89)Judge Dredd(1st glossy cover)-Simon Bisley
  3. Prog843(3Jul’93)Tabloid newspaper mock-up,featuring “Manchester’s hardest man”,Big Dave!-Steve Parkhouse
  4. Prog950(28Jul’95)Radical redesign for Judge Dredd movie(1995)Dermot Power
  5. Prog1033(11Mar’97)Judge Dredd-Jason Brashill Another 90’s design overhaul 
  6. Prog1199(28Jun’00)Sláine takes his axe,Brainbiter to the old logo!-Mark Harrison
  7. Prog1200(5Jul’00).Judge Dredd-Trevor Hairsine.Yet another short-lived redesign,surely something had to be done…
  8. Prog1234(21Mar’01)With John Higgins reprising his classic Judge Dredd cover(see above)common sense prevails as Steve Cook's timeless logo is reinstated!
  9. Prog1500(9Aug’06)Monolithic character montage!-Boo Cook
  10. Prog1567(2Jan’08)Strontium Dog-Cliff Robinson Banner title is added to the classic logo that bring us up to date.

Will we see another change in cover/logo design?Probably,but as the big man himself says:”If it ain’t broke,don’t fix it..creep!

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