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As well as their regular Judge Dredd series,IDW also have other titles involving Mega-City One's top cop,including the intriguing Judge Dredd:Year One,written by current editorial droid,Matt Smith,with art duties from long-time droid,Simon Coleby.

As ever with IDW's Dredd titles,there are a plethora of original and variant covers:

  1. Judge Dredd:Year One#1,cover A-by series cover artist,regular 2000AD art droid,Greg Staples
  2. Year One#1,Retail Incentive(R.I) cover-Canadian comic creator,Dave Sim(Cerebus the Aardvark).
  3. Year One#1,Subscription cover-veteran art droid and Dredd co-creator-Carlos Ezquerra.
  4. Year One#2,cover A-Greg Staples.
  5. Year One#2,R.cover,Through The Portal-Dave Sim.
  6. Year One#3,cover A-Greg Staples.
  7. Year One#3,R.I cover.In Ruins-Dave Sim
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