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Fascinating peek at the character development process for “modern-day”,superhero,Zenith.
Design sketches from the boundless imagination of the “Great Reverso”(!),Brendan McCarthy.

  1. Zenith preliminary sketches.
  2. Masterman,nasty Nazi supervillain.
  3. Mandala,’60’s hippy superhero,later to become Tory M.P,Peter St. John
  4. Maximan,British foil to the evil Masterman.
  5. Development sketches for Zenith.
  6. Design for female superhero,White Heat.
  7. Further character developments on Zenith

Taken from former design droid Steve Cook’s excellent Secret Oranges blog(well worth a visit).

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    That super-powered Nazi is a byproduct of manifesting Yog-Sototh. What I’m trying to say is Grant Morrison kills it on...
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